Leveraging Life & Disability Insurance – clever ways to use insurance to protect yourself & your business – this presentation focuses on who you can legally insure, buy-sell agreements, key persons, contingency plans, and business overhead expense insurance.  So, it’s geared towards small businesses or partnerships and is especially important for businesses that have a main office or retail location.  

Health Insurance Essentials for Business Owners – This is a walkthrough of what is individual insurance versus group insurance, who counts as an employee, when you can enroll and how, what your requirements are under both the individual and employer mandates of the ACA, and what the potential tax penalties could be for not taking action.  

Webinars for Individuals & Families:

Medicare 101 – A rundown of the basic parts of medicare, what insurance plans you may need, and how to select a plan. 

Medicare Basics for Retirement Planning (an add-on to the Medicare 101 presentation) – How to coordinate benefits if you’re working beyond age 65, what you need to know about leaving employer-sponsored coverage, and how to compare coverage.

The ACA and You – A rundown of the Affordable Care Act for individuals which walks through assessing your current coverage, how to apply for coverage, what can happen if you go uninsured, and frequently asked questions. 

Choosing a Health Insurance Plan – A walkthrough of the best methods for choosing a health plan, tips for checking formularies and provider directories, and how to apply.  

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