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Are you in the market for individual health insurance, dental insurance, or a prescription drug program? If so, you've found the right web site. At Benefit Concepts, Inc., we have over thirty years experience helping discerning customers such as yourself with high quality medical coverage as inexpensively as possible. We constantly research both new and existing products to ensure that we can be of utmost assistance to our clients wishing to make an informed decision regarding their healthcare needs.

We've exerted great effort to make our web site as easy to use and informative as possible. However, it's impossible to answer every question of every customer online, so we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to providing you with the best health insurance purchasing experience possible.

Which Product is Best for You?

Major Medical Health Insurance
This is our speciality. If you're looking for comprehensive medical benefits, such as office visit copays, prescription drug plans, etc., then follow the link above. We can provide online quotes and plan information for Anthem, American Medical Security, and Unicare.

Temporary Health Insurance
While the benefits offered by most temporary plans are not as robust as those offered by the major medical products, these short term plans also involve a lot less underwriting. In fact, most can be issued right online. If you're interested in a temporary policy, click the link above, select a plan, and apply online. You can be covered instantly.

Dental Insurance
These stand-alone dental plans are generally inexpensive, yet provide great benefits for those without existing dental coverage. All of our dental products can be ordered online.

Travel Health Insurance
Most traditional health insurance policies offer little or no coverage overseas. These travel health insurance policies offer accident and sickness coverage, along with other important benefits like emergency medical evacuation, accidental death & dismemberment, and emergency reunion coverage.

Medicare Plans and Supplements
If you're confused about Medicare Plans, we can help.